Our make-up courses are taught in the comfort of our cosy makeup studio. The make-up training is taught on a one-to-one basis to give you the best possible education and understanding of the make-up industry, and you will have 100% help and support the whole way through the duration of the course and even afterwards too, if you require it.

The courses range from a 1 day non-accredited bridal make-up course to an advanced 4 week BABTAC accredited course which will take the complete beginner and give them the skills and knowledge to enable them to get a wide range of job roles in the make-up industry.

We are fairly flexible with how long you would like to spread the course time over, you can do it mon-fri or if you like, or spread it over a longer period of time doing 1-2 days a week. Availability for weekends is limited due to our trainers all being freelance artists working in the industry.

To book your course or for more information contact Becky at or call 07841 386692.

5 day COURSE - BABTAC Accredited

This course is designed for established MUA’s looking to develop their existing skills and broaden their knowledge of the makeup industry. The course runs for 5 days, which can be completed over a one-week period or spaced out throughout the month. The day will commence ‪at 10am and finish ‪at 2pm, which will include a 30 minute lunch break. (Please bring something with you)

During each day a student will complete 2 full looks on a model (you will need to provide one) depending on the student’s application speed.

The trainer will complete a demo on one side of the model’s face, breaking the stages down helping to simplify the makeup technique. The student will then be asked to reproduce the same standard on the opposite side of the face, using our brushes and our products.

Throughout the course you can ask as many questions as you like, take step by step pictures and take notes throughout. At the end of each session your trainer will then provide you with a product list of each look you have covered during your time with us at The Surrey School of Makeup, allowing you to build your kit from our recommendations. 

We also complete a “business masterclass” within this course to help you on your way to a busier makeup career! This usually takes a maximum of 1.5 hours.


(Deposit - £300.00)

10 day BABTAC accredited make-up course

Running identical to the other courses, however the extra time spent here at The Surrey School of Makeup will really help perfect your makeup skills to a higher level. During these 10 days you will cover around 20 full looks on your model (you will need to provide one). You have the option to tailor your course slightly so you get the most possible out of your training.

Beginning with the basics you are able to start from scratch and perfect each area to a high standard with our trainers helping you each step of the way. You will complete an AIRBRUSH MAKEUP qualification within 1 day of this course, allowing you to widen your capabilities and gain a greater skillset. We include the “business masterclass” within this course too.

This course finishes with our professional photoshoot day to give you the best chance to produce a beautiful portfolio to show off some of your best work.

This day tends to be longer than the typical training day but its great fun and gives you the perfect introduction into the industry and whats its really like behind the scenes!


(Deposit - £500.00)

4 week BABTAC Accredited course

Why stop at 10 days of tuition when you can go from beginner to professional in 4 weeks?!

Truly master the art of makeup by compiling a wealth of knowledge and perfect your skillset to then go on and produce a portfolio of three full looks on professional models on your own photoshoot day, all looks completely led by you. Push the boundaries of makeup and create some magic in our relaxed studio with the best trainers possible.

This course follows the same structure as the 5/10 Day Advanced BABTAC accredited options. We include the business masterclass / airbrush makeup and (some hairstyling too – only if you want to!)


(Deposit £750.00)


This course runs the same as all of the other courses in terms of timing, set up etc. However it is completely led by you! Choose 2 amazing looks and bring a model with you, we will teach you how to make them perfect!

On the One Day Advanced MUA course you will cover:-

Brow Grooming

How to shape the perfect brow and create a blank canvas on the lids for the perfect shadow application.

Eye perfection

Your trainer will teach you the most current and advanced looks within the industry from a flawless cut crease, the sharpest liner and the ultimate blend. 

Foundtion perfection

This involves how to produce high coverage using concealer, blending a rage of different textured products on to the skin, perfecting the base and how to create different finishes to the foundation.

Highlighting and Contouring

Covering the classic highlight and contour as well as our signature Glowy skin base. 


(Deposit £95.00)

Please email: for workshop dates and locations. If you require more information please contact us.


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