Rewarding Success

We all love that little pat on the back when we've done a good job, and now The Surrey School Of Make-Up are asking for one from you!

We would love it if you could nominate us for the Best Beauty Training School award in the Guild Awards Of Excellence. The Guild Awards are voted for by you, the people who invest in training, rather than a panel of 'experts'. We strive to always bring you top quality training that will help you to forge a new and successful career, so it would mean the world to us if our hard work could be recognised. 

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Education, Education, Education!

As a former Prime Minster once reminded us, education is one of our most valuable assets, so it is important you choose wisely when you look for a new career.

You are not just taking any old course, you are starting on a completely new path for your entire life so you need to be sure then you choose a course that gives you everything you need.

Training with the Surrey School Of Make-Up presents students with a unique and vital form of learning that will convert you from a hopeful amateur to a leading professional. All of the courses offered by The Surrey School Of Make-Up cover every aspect of make-up application that you will need to know. The courses were developed by Becky Sargeant who has worked as a professional make-up artist for several years. Having worked alongside some of the names in the industry, she is ideally placed to take you through the world of make-up, whatever path you are looking to take.

Working with a professional ensures that you start out as one too, so study with a school that has your best interests at heart. For more information about any of the courses on offer from The Surrey School Of Make-Up call 07841 386692.


Make-Up A Fresh Start

We have all had that daunting feeling when the alarm goes off on Monday morning, dreading another week in a job you hate. If this is you, then it might be time to think about making a change.

Leaving a dead-end job can be a scary thought, and you need to ensure that you don’t just exchange it for more of the same. Deciding on a new career is a big step and one that needs careful consideration.

If you are looking for a more fulfilling role then you need to choose something you love. Think about your everyday life and the things that you have a real passion for. Once you have identified these, you can think about how this might become your dream job.

One thing you will probably need to do is retrain. Enthusiasm for a hobby is one thing, but working in this area professionally needs a particular set of skills that you need to be competent in. Many women see the beauty industry as the ideal place to start afresh, and specialising in something like make-up can be a wonderful place to start. 

Whilst you may be able to make yourself look like a supermodel in the morning, you need to invest in professional training to apply to other people. A course can help you tailor a make-up application to any face shape, skin type and occasion. It also means that you get insurance to work on the general public.

If you think make-up may open the door to a brand new career then training with The Surrey School Of Make-Up is the perfect place to start. Take a look at the courses on offer or call Becky on 07841 386692 for more information.

Bridal Beauty

As a make-up artist, being asked to prepare a bride for her big day is one of the biggest responsibilities that can be asked of you.

Bridal treatments are very lucrative and easy to market, but it is crucial that you get it right. The first thing you need to establish is what the bride herself wants. In Most cases, she probably won’t know so it is good to have a look book for her to flick through. Let her show you all the things she likes and doesn’t like from each picture so you can form an idea of what to create.

You need to schedule plenty of consultation and trial time for brides so that you can test different looks to find the one that works best for her. You want her to walk away feeling confident and beautiful, anything less than this just won’t cut it for a girl embarking on one of the most important days of her life. She will never have been so aware of how she looks, so the treatment needs to be a sensitive one.

Many brides expect to suddenly look like a Hollywood starlet, but this isn’t always a good idea. You don’t want her walking down the aisle with the groom wondering who is heading towards him. Your bride needs to look like an enhanced version of herself, not a completely new woman, so look at the make-up she usually wears. If she is traditionally quite minimalist then heavy eyeliner and bright red lips are not for her. Work with her natural beauty and style and make the look the best version of what she has already.

You also need to consider how your bride is going to look on her photographs. The venue will not be professionally lit so you need to ensure that you choose foundation shades that don’t leave her looking washed out when the album arrives. 

As part of your consultation you need to explain all of this to her so that she knows what to expect and tell you if she has any concerns. If possible, encourage her to wear the look you settle on in your trial throughout the day and try to get a few photographs taken. Whilst she may seem happy initially, living with the look for a while is the best way for her to decide if it is really the one she wants.

When putting together a bridal make-up look, there are many things to consider that go above and beyond the right shade of foundation. The One Day Specialised Bridal Make-Up Course from The Surrey School Of Make-Up is the best way to discover everything you need to know about offering a professional make-up treatment. To book your course contact Becky at or call 07841 386692.