A Hairy Situation

Offering a make-up application is a specialist treatment, but for your client it is just one small part of their big event.

Whether you are looking after a bride, a party goer or even a model, their make-up completes their look, but they have many more things to worry about. For any special event they are likely to have spent days, weeks or even months choosing the right outfit and probably have a hair appointment booked elsewhere that day.

As a make-up artist, adding to your skills can increase your revenue and also relieve a little bit of stress for your client. Training in hair styling means your client can sit back and allow you to completely transform them all in one appointment. Offering a complete service means that you can take the hassle out of sourcing the right hairdressing and co-ordinating appointments both for the application itself and any trials that might be organised.

The less your client has to do in the run-up to an event or photo-shoot, the happier and more relaxed they are likely to be. Remember, you are more than just a make-up artist, you are a confidence builder, counsellor and part-time miracle worker. Adding to your skills could mean adding to your revenue.

Would you be interested in attending a hair styling course at The Surrey School Of Make-Up? Let us know your thoughts!