Producing A Portfolio

When a new client knocks on your door, they want to know that you can create the look that they want. So, how can you win them over?

Whether your client wants a soft bridal look, a glamorous special occasion makeover or a dramatic party transformation, they will want to know that you can produce the style they crave. Whilst you can talk them through your skills, products and styles, the best way to showcase your talent is through a portfolio.

A portfolio is the most important tool a make-up artist can have outside of their kit bag. It shows exactly what you are capable of and acts almost as a sales brochure to those who have never seen your work. If you are aiming to work on fashion shoots or in television, this portfolio will become even more important as it will be something that is expected by casting directors.

Whilst you can put together a portfolio of snaps taken on your phone, they will lack the professional feel created by a professional photographer and the correct lighting. You could ask clients if they can supply any professional wedding or special event photographs but the best way to build up your portfolio is with a range of professional shots.

This can be costly and difficult to organise, which is why The Surrey School Of Make-Up have put together the option of adding a professional photo-shoot to a selection of their courses. This gives you the opportunity to build up a portfolio of beautiful images right from the very start, making them the perfect people to train with. 

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