Education, Education, Education!

As a former Prime Minster once reminded us, education is one of our most valuable assets, so it is important you choose wisely when you look for a new career.

You are not just taking any old course, you are starting on a completely new path for your entire life so you need to be sure then you choose a course that gives you everything you need.

Training with the Surrey School Of Make-Up presents students with a unique and vital form of learning that will convert you from a hopeful amateur to a leading professional. All of the courses offered by The Surrey School Of Make-Up cover every aspect of make-up application that you will need to know. The courses were developed by Becky Sargeant who has worked as a professional make-up artist for several years. Having worked alongside some of the names in the industry, she is ideally placed to take you through the world of make-up, whatever path you are looking to take.

Working with a professional ensures that you start out as one too, so study with a school that has your best interests at heart. For more information about any of the courses on offer from The Surrey School Of Make-Up call 07841 386692.