Make-Up A Fresh Start

We have all had that daunting feeling when the alarm goes off on Monday morning, dreading another week in a job you hate. If this is you, then it might be time to think about making a change.

Leaving a dead-end job can be a scary thought, and you need to ensure that you don’t just exchange it for more of the same. Deciding on a new career is a big step and one that needs careful consideration.

If you are looking for a more fulfilling role then you need to choose something you love. Think about your everyday life and the things that you have a real passion for. Once you have identified these, you can think about how this might become your dream job.

One thing you will probably need to do is retrain. Enthusiasm for a hobby is one thing, but working in this area professionally needs a particular set of skills that you need to be competent in. Many women see the beauty industry as the ideal place to start afresh, and specialising in something like make-up can be a wonderful place to start. 

Whilst you may be able to make yourself look like a supermodel in the morning, you need to invest in professional training to apply to other people. A course can help you tailor a make-up application to any face shape, skin type and occasion. It also means that you get insurance to work on the general public.

If you think make-up may open the door to a brand new career then training with The Surrey School Of Make-Up is the perfect place to start. Take a look at the courses on offer or call Becky on 07841 386692 for more information.