A Hairy Situation

Offering a make-up application is a specialist treatment, but for your client it is just one small part of their big event.

Whether you are looking after a bride, a party goer or even a model, their make-up completes their look, but they have many more things to worry about. For any special event they are likely to have spent days, weeks or even months choosing the right outfit and probably have a hair appointment booked elsewhere that day.

As a make-up artist, adding to your skills can increase your revenue and also relieve a little bit of stress for your client. Training in hair styling means your client can sit back and allow you to completely transform them all in one appointment. Offering a complete service means that you can take the hassle out of sourcing the right hairdressing and co-ordinating appointments both for the application itself and any trials that might be organised.

The less your client has to do in the run-up to an event or photo-shoot, the happier and more relaxed they are likely to be. Remember, you are more than just a make-up artist, you are a confidence builder, counsellor and part-time miracle worker. Adding to your skills could mean adding to your revenue.

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Producing A Portfolio

When a new client knocks on your door, they want to know that you can create the look that they want. So, how can you win them over?

Whether your client wants a soft bridal look, a glamorous special occasion makeover or a dramatic party transformation, they will want to know that you can produce the style they crave. Whilst you can talk them through your skills, products and styles, the best way to showcase your talent is through a portfolio.

A portfolio is the most important tool a make-up artist can have outside of their kit bag. It shows exactly what you are capable of and acts almost as a sales brochure to those who have never seen your work. If you are aiming to work on fashion shoots or in television, this portfolio will become even more important as it will be something that is expected by casting directors.

Whilst you can put together a portfolio of snaps taken on your phone, they will lack the professional feel created by a professional photographer and the correct lighting. You could ask clients if they can supply any professional wedding or special event photographs but the best way to build up your portfolio is with a range of professional shots.

This can be costly and difficult to organise, which is why The Surrey School Of Make-Up have put together the option of adding a professional photo-shoot to a selection of their courses. This gives you the opportunity to build up a portfolio of beautiful images right from the very start, making them the perfect people to train with. 

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Wedding Belles

It may seem like we are still in the depths of winter, but summer will be here before we know it and so will a raft of new clients.

If you stand quietly in the middle of summer, chances are that you will hear the dulcet tones of wedding bells. Those bells signal the start of wedding season and with it comes a steady flow of brides wanting to look their best on their big day, and they will need a professional make-up artist to do it.

Bridal make-up is different to other make-up applications as it often needs to follow a particular style. The bride is usually looking for the best version of herself rather than a complete makeover, and so you will need a good understanding of what suits each face shape and skin tone. 

The Surrey School Of Make-Up offer an in-depth Bridal Make-Up course that looks at how to choose any apply the best foundations, eye make-up and lip colour for each client. This will teach you not only the secret of great application but also the best way to make each bride look and feel individual.

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Awards Glamour

The start of the year signals a lot of new trends, and as we move into awards season, there is a lot of red carpet glamour to draw inspiration from.

We already have the Golden Globes under our belts, and with the Oscars and The Brits just around the corner, there are going to be a lot of exciting looks to try and replicate.

One big theme so far has been the use of pretty pink. This has been something that appears on the eyes, lips or cheeks and adds a lovely feminine touch to any outfit. Many people choose to avoid pink fearing it can be a little too girly, but this new trend is likely to have many people wondering how best to use it, and this is where you come in!

Make-up training at The Surrey School Of Make-Up allows you to understand how to examine face shapes and skin tone to determine what style of make-up is best for each client. Our study of the colour wheel means you ideally placed to know which shades of pink suit each individual, allowing you to take popular aspects of new trends and apply them to each person that walks through your door.

Professional training is vital in converting a passion for make-up into a flourishing career. You can treat each client as an individual and put together some wonderful styles that are sure to leave them feeling on top of the world.

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What has been your favourite look of awards season so far?